Help give voice to women and girls world-wide on one day in 2019 and 2020 on International Women’s Day.


This cross platform multi-media digital platform will share stories from around the world to show why women’s voice matter.

Join us in capturing a Historic Snapshot of the World’s Women at this pivotal moment in history.



Help us finance the Women’s Day Live film – Stories of Us.

A global co-creation call-out mid this year will invite women and girls all over the world to share their story. These self-generated videos directed by you will make up part of the feature film to be released for a worldwide livestream in 2020 to celebrate the Centennial Year of Women in the United States getting the right and the power to vote.


This is a threshold moment in history, a wakeup-call for women to call on their courage and step up to the plate with everything they’ve got. The stakes are high. The future is in our hands. Our strength is in our collective power





Is this a tipping point for women? Yes. Absolutely. Women are on fire!

Bear witness to women all over the world raising their voice and expressing their vision for the future they want to create.

We have the courage to lead and we want to take our rightful place in co-equal partnership with men.

The Plan


Women’s Day Live, Stories of Us, is a global multi-media social action networking platform and feature documentary film to champion the cause of women and girl’s empowerment and open our collective eyes to what is possible when we join forces and empower women and girls.


Witness a true story giving the power of voice to women and girls around the world. It’s going to take all of us working together to create a new mythology, to raise awareness and change cultural views on the value of women and girls in global society today.

This is a threshold moment history, a wakeup-call for all women to step up to the plate with everything they’ve got. Given the seismic changes for women this past year, women must realize now that our strength is in our collective power. Vote power. Dollar power. The future is in our hands.


Join us in a “global campfire” to see the world through women’s eyes. The ‘time for women is now’ is the consensus and rallying call at this pivotal moment in history.


ONLINE. This immersive global online platform will offer a digital ‘hub’ to feature the rich cultural diversity of women’s stories, by country and by topic. The winning video submissions from a worldwide competition will be featured in the final film.


THE FILM will use self-generated videos and multiple award winning local filmmakers to weave a powerful tapestry of courageous stories from women and girls. The film will explore what it will it take to make an evolutionary leap for women and girls. Every sign indicates it’s the courageous women in the grassroots movement that will be the greatest catalyst for change.


TIMELINE – We need to engage all teams to have all systems go now, to be ready for a co-creation call out MID 2019 to be ready to release the film in 2020.


  • Global media with Ambassadors co-creation call out mid 2019.
  • Tools for Women to create their own videos to share their story.
  • Build on line platform and social action campaigns.
  • “Women of the World” song for women and girls to enter the worldwide competition with their meme’s and music videos.
  • Premiere 2020: Stories of Us will stream live worldwide to celebrate the CENTENNIAL, the 100 year Anniversary of women receiving the right and power to vote.




“Empower Women, Change the World”




The Proposed Global Women’s Empowerment Initiative Includes:

  1. Women’s Day Live – Stories of US film to give voice to women worldwide. Release 2020.
  2. Produce the music video and women’s anthem We are the Women of the World, to raise Humanitarian Aid and awareness for women and girls worldwide
  3. Women’s Day Live Benefit Concert – 2020. Celebrate Centennial of Women’s Vote
  4. Biggest Give Back Day in World History - Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign
  5. Use our collective power to impact national and global policy to invest in women and girls




Our mission is to galvanize a movement to put unprecedented levels of investment in women and girl’s grassroots funds where it can have the most impact. At the G7 Summit in Canada in 2018 world leaders pledged to put women and girls at the center of their International Development Agenda.


In one sweep, this one change in global policy could potentially move BILLIONS into the hands of women in the years to come.    Right now, less than 2% of global funding for gender issues goes to local women’s organizations. According to Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "A study looking at 70 countries …found that women’s grassroots movements were more effective at advancing policy change…–particularly on violence against women–than most other factors. “

See  It’s Time for a New Era for Women


WOMEN’S GLOBAL ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT. Equality won’t happen without resources. Equality won’t happen without education. Without health. Without an end to violence. Without capital to help women’s entrepreneurial spirit flourish.

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