Help give voice to women and girls world-wide on one day in 2019 and 2020 on International Women’s Day.


This cross platform multi-media digital platform will share stories from around the world to show why women’s voice matter.

Join us in capturing a Historic Snapshot of the World’s Women at this pivotal moment in history.



Help us finance the Women’s Day Live film – Stories of Us.

A global co-creation call-out mid this year will invite women and girls all over the world to share their story. These self-generated videos directed by you will make up part of the feature film to be released for a worldwide livestream in 2020 to celebrate the Centennial Year of Women in the United States getting the right and the power to vote.


This is a threshold moment in history, a wakeup-call for women to call on their courage and step up to the plate with everything they’ve got. The stakes are high. The future is in our hands. Our strength is in our collective power





Is this a tipping point for women? Yes. Absolutely. Women are on fire!

Bear witness to women all over the world raising their voice and expressing their vision for the future they want to create.

We have the courage to lead and we want to take our rightful place in co-equal partnership with men.

What We Need Now

This is a threshold and historic moment in our culture for women. I have been on an epic Quest for the past decade to achieve the dream of equal opportunity for women. I felt that harnessing the power of global media, celebrity and technology to champion the cause of women and girls was the key to galvanizing a movement to put funding and power into the hands of women. I have put it all on the line. I believe in being all in. I will never ever give up on this vision. No matter what.


Clearly, this is a singularly significant moment in time where we must use our collective power to change the tide of history.    Everything is at stake.


It takes millions of dollars to make a movie these days, even a documentary. Yet this is the best way real stories from people like yourself, can be broadcast. From film fests, cinemas, to live stream worldwide.


This is where you come in. We are asking for your support now. Help us raise $1,000,000 Dollars now for initial Phase I launch to build this breakthrough campaign and film giving voice to the world’s women. It will help us leverage further investment. The overall budget will be $2 million for the production of the film, the Heart in Action Campaign, and Global digital hub and platform. We will create a potent global social action campaign for 2020 that will make cinematic history!


For donors who want to give over $10K,  who require a 501C Charitable receipt or want electronic banking contact Heather Kelsey , or CPTV, is the fiduciary partner for WOMEN’S DAY LIVE, a registered 501(c) charity, based in Hartford, CT. They are the PBS station in CT whom we worked with for over a decade with the Quest.


GIVE BOLDLY. GIVE GENEROUSLY. You are an invaluable benefactor, a passionate advocate for social change and embrace our ambitious vision to achieve equality for women in our lifetime. Be a part of the generation that could change the future for women and girls and did so.


DONATE NOW. United we can go further than every before. THAT IS WHERE OUR POWER LIES.


Women’s Day Live has the power to IGNITE a global movement! The world’s women are on fire. Let’s use this single minded focus to advance women and girls’ education and empowerment.  Together we will capture a snapshot of this historic moment with the Stories of US film.  It’s time to have women’s voice rings out around the world.  Their voices growing stronger every year on International Women’s Day. Our next goal is to produce the WDL multi-venue benefit concert to build an annual sustainable fund-raising and global advocacy platform every year on International Women’s Day. A day that can keep giving back to the future every year. Together we can build momentum to help accelerate the education and empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

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